Limited Comunicationlimitless teamworkin this epic tower defense game

Firesiege. A feralis story is a limited-communication cooperative game. Each player controls a Valkun Hero with unique abilities and skills, and turn after turn you play action cards to resist the siege of the army of Skreel that are crawling into the city of Medda to kill your leader Norad. The enemies army is near to infinite, thus in order to win your troops must outmaneuver the Skreel by fulfilling different goal cards (E.g., sealing the three Nests of the Skreel, rescuing inhabitants of the citadel of Medda, recruiting enough Marall mercenaries to overcome the enemy, and so on) till they have managed to flip all 6 Banner tokens on the Victory side. Each game will present players with a different challenge depending on the Goal cards selected!

Be aware though: each action in battle triggers a reaction: i.e., when playing a card, you get to know only one side of it – while all the other players know the other side but not the one you know.
Communication is crucial to success, but of course, in battle, you are not entirely free to speak out loud about your plans…
Both sides of the card you play must be resolved, and one is always good (light side) while the other will affect you negatively (shadow side). If your Hero dies in battle, an enemy sneaks into the city center, or the Incubation track reaches its maximum, the game is immediately lost… Choose wisely which and when effects should be played, as all actions have consequences and any card could be the last one!

1 - 4 Players

60 - 90 min

12+ Age


Cooperative tower defense game

Ally with your friends and defend the city of Medda from the siege of the Skreel led by the Aesyr Zagal. Firesiege is a cooperative tower defence game, where players will be called upon to play one of the Valkun generals defending the city of Medda.The Skreel nests are now already inside the walls and the horde is advancing through city streets to reach the center of the city. Even one Skreel can lead to defeat, so your choices are crucial to victory.


For every action there is a reaction

In the chaos of battle, your information will be partial. The command tiles you will play to perform actions are double-sided. The white side has positive effects for players, while the black side has negative effects. The player on duty sees one side of the tile, while his teammates will see the other, and only through good communication will the player be able to choose which tile to play.


Multiple victory conditions

To win the game you must flip six banners before you are overwhelmed by the Skreel horde. Two goal cards are randomly drawn at the beginning of each game in addition to the fixed goal of destroying Skreel nests at the end of each avenue. Players can then freely choose how they approach each match by deciding where to focus their forces. This makes each match different from the other!

5 Heroes

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The guardian

Proud and loyal, he has been protecting the Citadel and its Lady since time immemorial. There is no danger that his watchful eyes do not glimpse.



The Archer

Her arrows are infallible and deadly, almost as deadly as her edgy character and sharp intelligence. To have her as an ally is a gift.



The Knight

Nothing resists his power and stubbornness. Ready to die for his comrades, he is the shoulder to rely on when everything seems to go wrong.



The Height Prelate

The spirit world has no secrets for him, he is not afraid of darkness and is not a slave to light. His magic can give death or be life-bringing.



The raider

Fierce and impatient, when she picks out prey there is no escaping her. Bred from an early age to hunt, she has developed an unmatched flair.


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2 Contendenti

Chose your ruler and start the fight



The oracle

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The fool

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Defend the city of Medda

From the siege of the Skreel swarm
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